Dr. Mayank Goyal - Interventional Cardiology

MBBS, MD( Medicine) DM ( Cardiology)
Experience - 4 Years

Dr. Mayank Goyal MBBS, MD (Medicine) perused  DM (Cardiology) from G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi & Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology from reputed Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea. He is a Certified Expert in doing Coronary Interventions using Intravascular Imaging. Post DM Dr. Mayank Goyal worked as Registrar at G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi. He was actively involved in  academic, research, patient care & procedures.

Dr. Mayank Goyal has experience of more than 6000 angiographies, 2500 Radial and Femoral Angioplasties including Complex Coronary cases, Primary PCI, Left Main PCI, Bifurcation PCI, CTOs and Peripheral Angioplasties using Intravascular Imaging. Further he has extensive experience in Coronary and Structural Heart Intervention (Valvuloplasty, Device Closure of ASD and PDA), Interventional Heart failure management and Intravascular imaging (using IVUS & OCT).

Dr. Mayank has several Research Journals & Publications to his name:

  1. Gagan Jain, Bhagya Narayan Pandit, Mayank Goyal. “Percutaneous retrograde revascularization of the occluded celiac artery for chronic mesenteric ischemia using intravascular ultrasound guidance”. Cardiovasc Interv and Ther. Published online 23rd March 2013.
  2. V.K. Trehan and M. Goyal. “Paravalvular leak closure with two devices”. Indian Heart Journal. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ihj.2013.12.033
  3. Mohit D Gupta and Mayank Goyal.” An unusual case of syncope in a patient with ischemic heart disease”. Ann Noninvasive Electrocardiol 2014;19(4):395–397
  4. Thesis Paper presented in APICON-2007 in Goa on “ Effect of oral sildenafil therapy in patients of chronic cor pulmonale”
  5. Abstract in CSI-2013 held in Bangalore on “ Effect of rate control on coagulation status in patients of mitral stenosis with atrial fibrillation”
  6. Research paper on “Evaluation of Balance of Effector and Regulatory T cells in Rheumatic Heart disease: A cross-sectional observational study” accepted for publication in Indian Heart Journal.
  7. Thesis paper “Effect of rate control on coagulation status in patients of mitral stenosis with atrial fibrillation” accepted for publication as an original article in Indian Heart Journal.
  8. Mayank Goyal, S W Kim et al. Multi modality imaging of coronary fissure in patients of coronary heart disease. Submitted for publication in Eurointervention Journal.
  9. Sang-Wook Kim, Mayank Goyal, Wang Soo Lee et al. Insight into the calcified coronary artery after rotational atherectomy using optical coherence tomography. – A case report. Accepted in Indian Heart Journal
  10. Mayank Goyal, Sang-Wook Kim. Evaluation of myocardial bridge using multimodality intravascular imaging. Interesting cardiovascular images. Submitted for publication.

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