Positive Attitude helps us Survive

Positive Attitude helps us Survive

Presenting the Second chapter of AMRITDHARA Diaries.. Stories as presented by our staff:

Chapter 2: Positive attitude gives us strength to fight circumstances

Nowadays stress has become so common and people adopt wrong methods to get relieved from disturbed events in their lives, which affect not just them but the entire family.
I came across a lady in hospital. She was 55 years old and was a victim of depression. She was so disturbed that she had even started talking to herself. The reason behind her loneliness was there was no one to listen to her thoughts. She also had a problem of high blood pressure. Whenever I looked at her, I always felt an invisible, unexplainable attraction towards her, as if she was asking me to talk to her and wanted me to sit with her, and so I did, I went to her and talked.

In her youth, she loved singing. She was very beautiful and had a lot of friends. But then she was married quite early and that too to an alcoholic and handicapped man. Tears started rolling her eyes as she explained how tough it has been to spend each day of her life with an alcoholic person who got abusive after drinking. She started hating her life. Then she got pregnant! This ray of hope gave her strength to fight her circumstances. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She loved the child and took great care of him. But as her son grew up, she started noticing a change in him. Then she got to know that her son had started using drugs. She tried to stop him in every possible way but she could not save him and he died of an overdose. She could never recover from the shock of losing her first child.
She fell into depression and also developed a high blood pressure. She had come to our hospital for BP problem, but then she got to know about the doctor for treating depression, Dr. Robin and met him. Dr. Robin planned her visits to overcome her psychological problems and motivated her to pursue her interests. She was provided counselling and some medicines. Psychotherapy was the best recommendation for her as her feelings were isolated and it was the only way for her to get her feelings and thoughts out of her mind.

Dr. Robin encouraged her to write a book and share her feeling and her story with others. Surprisingly, in just 20 days a positive change was seen in her. She looked happy and was telling everything with a big smile on her face. Within a month, she got rid of her depression to a great extent and she started living a normal and happy life. Now also, she visits the hospital sometimes and share her experience with people suffering from depression and stress.

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