Miracles Happen at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital

Miracles Happen at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital

Presenting the fourth Chapter of AMRITDHARA diaries:

Few days ago….I saw a lady in our hospital. The surprising thing was that she and her husband were daily visiting our pediatric doctor but there was no baby with them. I noticed them for one week and realized that after visiting the doctor,they used to go to the NICU ward. I got curious and after some hesitation I talked to them.

She told me that she had given birth to a baby boy via normal delivery and her delivery was conducted in Panipat. The baby was premature, had low weight and was suffering from jaundice. The baby also had respiratory distress. His face was all blue and his head was cyanosed. The couple said that the doctors at that hospital were unable to manage the baby as his condition was very critical and the baby had very low chances of survival.

Both the parents had lost hope of saving their baby, but then someone suggested them our hospital and told about Dr. Sagar Bedi and Dr. Ankur Puri. Without wasting any time, they brought their 1 day old baby to AMRITDHARA, my Hospital where he was shifted to the NICU straight away. The baby stayed in the NICU for 12 days and on the 13th day, he was discharged from the hospital.

Comprehensive care was provided to the baby in a hygienic and nurturing environment. The baby has fully recovered and is now in a stable condition. His parents were very happy and satisfied with the services given to the baby by NICU staff. When they came to our hospital,they were sad and stressed but today their happiness is endless and they are loving the joyful time with their baby.

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