Fight Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

Fight Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

Presenting the Third chapter of AMRITDHARA Diaries:

Chapter 3: Bariatric surgery can cure depression

Today we will talk about weight! Most of us have struggled with weight issues at some point in our life.
This person is no different. He is 61 years old and is a resident of Kurukshetra. He was immobile from many years because of his excess weight. His weight was 190 kgs. He had tried everything to reduce his weight but could not succeed. Slowly and gradually, obesity was eating away all the happiness in his life. He was not able to work on his own and his physical activity started decreasing day by day. He even started having pain in his joints which made him unable to walk freely in his own home. He became confined to his bed for most of the time.

He started going in depression and even tried to commit suicide due to his loneliness.

He used to visit our orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Radha Raman to get treatment for knee pain. He told the doctor that he has a very beautiful 2 storey house but due to his knee pain he has never seen the 1st floor of his own home.
He was attending physiotherapy classes as prescribed by doctor to reduce his pain. At physiotherapy, he met other patients who were post bariatric surgery patients who shared their personal experience and told about their pre surgery and post-surgery weight. One of the patients also told him that knee pain also gets cured after weight loss.

Then he decided to consult our Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nitin Kumar Bansal and decided to go for bariatric surgery.

Then came his operation day. He was nervous but the surgery was successful and he was discharged on the 3rd day from the hospital.
His weight started decreasing and other problems like difficulty in walking, problem in sleeping at night and 24/7 pain in the knee was all gone. From 190 Kgs, his weight reduced to 110kgs.

He still visits our hospital for his psychological sessions he had suicidal tendency before and tremendous change can be seen in him now. He has started to love his life and he also goes outside his house on his own. He now has his room on the 1st floor which was earlier alien to him. He has even uploaded his pre and post surgeries pictures on social media. He motivates many people like him to help live their life happily.

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