The Miracle – IVF

The Miracle – IVF

From the words of an employee at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital:

I work at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital and I want to share the miracle which is known as IVF!

One day I came across a lady in the IVF department of the hospital, Sapna. The reason why her face struck in my mind was a sadness surrounding her. I could not stop myself from going and talking to her. On asking, she told me that she had been trying to have a baby for a very long time and has visited many doctors in various cities but received no success. She had come to our hospital as a last ray of hope after learning about our good results from someone and this was her second visit. I tried to give her hope and told her about many people who had achieved success with IVF. Then I got to know that her IVF treatment had been started under the supervision of Dr. Jyoti Gupta. Unfortunately, she could not conceive in her first cycle. The entire department supported her and motivated her to try another cycle. This time, God answered her prayers and she got pregnant. I still remember the hope in her eyes when she told me about her pregnancy in the subsequent visits to the hospital. But along with the hope, there was fear, fear regarding the unborn baby. Since this was a very precious pregnancy, she was praying to god that her pregnancy should go smoothly and there should be no danger for her baby.

And finally, the day came, she came with pains and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby in our hospital. Now there was no fear, only a beautiful smile on her face when she held her baby in her arms. That day I realized the power of this man-made miracle called IVF and how it can change the life of not just an individual but an entire family. The first time I met Sapna, there was no hope in her, but today, that hope is back and her joy is back.

IVF is a procedure that is done in the laboratory under expert surveillance where the egg and sperm are fertilized in favourable conditions. The fertilized embryo is then put inside the female’s uterus for development.

IVF babies are as normal as any other baby.

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