AMRITDHARA, my Hospital offers a very comprehensive Outdoor facilities on one hand and round the clock emergency services on the other, to cater all categories of Neurosurgical disorders like Head injuries, Lower back pain, Cervical spondylosis, Brain tumour, Brain TB, Brain abscess, Spine fractures, TB Spine, Spinal Dysraphism, Hydrocephalus & Disc prolapse. It is backed by our very strong and state of the art Neuro Intensive Care Unit and Department of Critical Care Medicine. There is a dedicated CT Scan Unit for immediate diagnosis of neurological problems.

We have Modular Operation Theaters to perform various Neuro & Spine Surgeries like:

  • Surgeries for Head injuries
  • Surgeries for Brain Tumour / Brain TB / Abscess
  • Surgeries for Spinal fractures / TB Spine including Instrumentation
  • Paediatric Neuro Surgery for Spinal Dysraphism, Hydrocephalus
  • Spine-Disc Surgery

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Experienced & Qualified team of Doctors

Ethical Treatment & Compassionate Heart

Round the clock availability of team of Doctors

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Depression is Treatable

Depression is Treatable

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