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With the advent of new technologies and equipments, neurosurgical procedures have become much more precise and safe. With pride, we in the department of neurosurgery at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital state that our technology, instrumentation, pre-op and post-op care is at par with other leading hospitals of North India. We at AMRITDHARA,my Hospital have a full fledged Department of Neuro & Spine Surgery backed by Modular Neuro Operation Theater, High speed neuro drill, Ventilators, Para monitors & Neuro Intensive Care Unit. We believe in delivering timely & ethical treatment to our patients accompanied with feelings of compassion and care.

About the Neurosurgery Department

AMRITDHARA, my Hospital offers a very comprehensive Outdoor facilities on one hand and round the clock emergency services on the other, to cater all categories of Neurosurgical disorders like Head injuries, Lower back pain, Cervical spondylosis, Brain tumour, Brain TB, Brain abscess, Spine fractures, TB Spine, Spinal Dysraphism, Hydrocephalus & Disc prolapse. It is backed by our very strong and state of the art Neuro Intensive Care Unit and Department of Critical Care Medicine. There is a dedicated CT Scan Unit for immediate diagnosis of neurological problems.

Services Provided

  • Head and Spine Trauma

Head and spine trauma refer to injuries or accidents that affect an individual’s brain and/or spinal cord. These occurred in children especially while playing contact sports. Other traumatic brain injuries include intracranial blood clots, diffuse brain injury and fractures.

  • Microscopic Brain tumours and spine cord tumours

Tumors that start in the brain or spinal cord rarely spread to distant organs.Even so, brain or spinal cord tumors are rarely considered benign. They can still cause damage by growing and spreading into nearby areas, where they can destroy normal brain tissue. And unless they are completely removed or destroyed, most brain or spinal cord tumors will continue to grow and eventually be life-threatening.

  • Strokes and Brain Haemorrhage

A brain hemorrhage is bleeding in or around the brain. It is a form of stroke. Many people who experience a brain hemorrhage have symptoms as though they are having a stroke, and can develop weakness on one side of their body, difficulty speaking, or a sense of numbness. Difficulty performing usual activities, including problems with walking or even falling, are not uncommon symptoms.

  • Spinal disc surgeries including instrumentation

Spinal instrumentation is used to treat instability and deformity of the spine. Instability occurs when the spine no longer maintains its normal shape during movement. Such instability results in nerve damage, spinal deformities, and disabling pain.

  • Paediatric neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery is a subspecialty of neurosurgery; which includes surgical procedures that are related to the nervous system, brain and spinal cord; that treats children with operable neurological disorders.

  • Instrumentation for Spinal TB

Spinal deformity is the most common complications of tuberculosis (TB) of spine. Spinal tuberculosis produces neurological complications and grotesque spinal deformity which is caused secondary to damage by infection.

  • Surgery for brain obsesses

Brain surgery is used to treat major depression and occasionally chronic pain for persons who haven’t found relief from any other form of therapy.

Various Neuro & Spine Surgeries Performed

  • Surgeries for Head injuries
  • Surgeries for Brain Tumour / Brain TB / Abscess
  • Surgeries for Spinal fractures / TB Spine including Instrumentation
  • Paediatric Neuro Surgery for Spinal Dysraphism, Hydrocephalus
  • Spine-Disc Surgery

Why choose AMRITDHARA, my Hospital ?

Best Neurosurgeon to help our patient.

Ethical Treatment & Compassionate Heart

Round the clock availability of team of Doctors

Modular Operation Theaters & Experienced Surgery Team

A Modern well-equipped ICU with a Full time Intensivist for handling critical care

All necessary investigations are available inside the hospital like X-rays, ultrasound, CT Scan

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