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As we all know, Prevention is better than Cure. Things to remember : 1. Cleanliness of Baby e.g Surroundings. 2. Regular check-up to Doctor. 3. Vaccination. Early detection of symptoms helps in Early treatment & Timely cure of child.  

Our Paediatrics department

Advanced 24 bedded Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU) equipped with Neonatal Incubators /Open warmers, Respiratory Support, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or Mechanical Ventilation. Our Neonatology unit is also equipped with Phototherapy unit.



1. Dialysis – Peritonial , Hemodialysis

2. Ventilation

3. Exchange Transfusion – When Billirum is too high.

4. Pediatric Surgery

Services: – 24 Care / Emergency





24 Hr., X-ray, CT Scan, USG




24 Hr., X-ray, CT Scan, USG

Exchange Transfusion

Done in newborn, when Billirum is too High, that it will disturb the mental status of the child.

In this we remove the high Billirum content of blood from the baby (discarded) & exchanged it with fresh blood.


Child in chronic Renal Failure.

When Serum Urea & Serum Creatinine is too high. Not managed by Medical Tratment, we will remove extra Urea & Creatinine through the machine via catheter.


When the body is having Respiratory Distress not managed by medical treatment. This is a temporary support to the Respiration for the time acctual distress is managed.

Why choose Amritdhara, my Hospital?

24 hr. Emergency care, Emergency procedures & Investigations

Well trained & qualified Pediatricians

Comprehensive & Quality Care

Well equipped team to handle critical and complex cases

A Modern well-equipped ICU with a Full time Intensivist for handling critical care

All necessary investigations are available inside the hospital

Our Team

  • Dr. Sagar Bedi     (MBBS, DCH, DASII, Fellowship in Neonatology)
  • Dr Ankur Puri     (MBBS, DCH, DNB,IAP – IDPCC  in Neonatology)
  • Dr Shubham        (RMO)
  • Dr. Iklash Khan  (RMO)
  • Rajni     (NICU Incharge)
  • Dimple   (Staff Nurse)
  • Aman     (Staff Nurse)
  • Reena     (Staff Nurse)
  • Rachna  (Staff Nurse)
  • Jyoti      (Staff Nurse)
  • Seema   (Staff Nurse)
  • Suman   (Staff Nurse)


SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also called cot or crib death. causes are varied but many a times unsolved. Their are certain means to reduce chances if SIDS :

  • Always place baby on back avoid putting them on abdomen especially during sleep.
  • Don’t allow smoking near baby.
  • Don’t put baby on very soft bed or fluffy blanket.
  • Don’t overdress the baby.
  • Maintain regular visit to your doctor.

Baby will sleep comfortably approximately for 2 hrs. after having feed and should pass urine at least 8 – 10 times a day. Newborn should gain weight approximately 20 gm/ day.

This is common in first 2 – 3 months due to narrow nasal passage. You can suction the nose with rubber bullbe or use nasal saline drops 10 minutes before feeding.

The day-night rhythm takes 6 – 8 weeks to get well establish. Some suggestions:

  • Don’t turn ON extra lights while feeding.
  • Keep noise levels & light  minimum during night.
  • Avoid rocking, Talking & Playing with baby at night.
  • Change diaper before every feed.
  • Wrap the body in soft warm cloth, it makes baby feel secure & put him to sleep faster.

It occurs due to prolonged contact with urine & stools. Preventive measure is to frequently change diapers & keep the area clean & dry.

  • Always keep emergency contact numbers of Paediatricians & Hospitals.
  • Don’t administrate medicine to your baby without asking your doctor.
  • Protect your baby from un-caged pets.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone with toddlers.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone near both tub, even for short period.
  • As your baby grows, he will roll over. Never leave baby alone on bed or sofa.

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Intestinal Contraction Testimonial

Intestinal Contraction Testimonial

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