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My Aim is to provide world class mental health services at my hometown karnal and simultaneously make people aware of neuro psychiatric disorder and effectiveness of the treatment we provide of AMH. In 21st Century when every other person is suffering from some neuro psychiatric symptoms. It is our responsibility to come forward for our self or the person we care about. We at AMH have best evidence proof treatment with almost no side effects and can cure most neuro psychiatric disorder in short period of time Live life healthy and happily

Clinical Services

We provide a range of outpatient, in patient and advanced speciality programs which comprehensively cater to mentor health care concerns

Under the guidance of Dr Robin (M.D Neuro Psychiatrist) and our psychologists and counsellor, we offer treatment integrity latest techniques in psychotherapy and medicine. Specialised services are available for child and adolescent mental health care, addiction treatment, depression, anxiety disorder,bipolar disorder, schizophrenia sexual disorders etc


Other psychological services that we offer are:

– Cognitive behaviours therapy

– Family marital and interpersonal therapies

– Sexual problems psychotherapy

– Psychological assessments

– Neuro psychological assessments

– Counselling for children


In-Patient Care:

We deliver clinically effective evidence-based treatment for the patients require In-Patient care. We are equipped with general ward, provide pvt. rooms and psychiatric ICU for patients requires mental health services.


  • A Variety of advanced techniques are available like MECT (Modified electroconvulsive therapy) and brain stimulation techniques
  • Addiction treatment – we offer advanced treatment for alcohol and other drug addiction, including detoxification, de- addiction, rehabilitation and after care relapse prevention strategies


Emergency Care

We understand that at times you or someone you care about may require emergency mental health care intervention

if  you or some you care about requires such emergency care call  0184 4098100 for assistance




Success Stories

Physiotherapy relieves pain in neck and shoulder

Physiotherapy relieves pain in neck and shoulder

Depression can eat away all the Happiness from Life

Depression can eat away all the Happiness from Life

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