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Thanks to our high end digital X-Ray system, ultrasound, color doppler and multi slice CT scan, we are able to provide imaging of world level at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital. These services are available 24x7.

In our commitment to provide quality imaging services to our patients AMRITDHARA, my Hospital has set up its own department of Radiodiagnosis equipped with modern imaging machinery and round the clock services of imaging and diagnosis.


AMRITDHARA, my Hospital has 500MA X-Ray machine which provides high quality of x rays. All kinds of x rays, IVP , Barium studies , RGU and MCU and HSG are done with best quality assurance to detect even subtle abnormalities.


Ultrasound examinations are safe and convenient to patients. A wide range of pathologies can be detected via a simple ultrasound procedure related to Abdominal,Pelvic ,Obstetric and Musculoskeletal system. We are equipped with high end Voluson series USG machine which provides premium quality of images to detect and scan various systems and to perform various USG guided interventions such as FNAC if needed.


AMRITDHARA, my Hospital has its own high speed CT Scan (GE system) to provide quick and quality imaging .
CT scan uses specialised algorithms to obtain images and help to detect various pathologies related to almost every system of our body including Brain,Chest ,Abdomen,extremities ,Pelvis and skeletal system with 3D views.

Why choose AMRITDHARA, my Hospital ?

Well Qualified and experienced Radiologist

Best Quality of Diagnostic Services under one roof

The state of the art, professional and versatile ultrasound scanning services with real time and complete diagnostic information.

Expert echocardiography and TMT facilities

Facility for X-Ray and CT Scan

Offer the Facility of Color Doppler


Not much preparation is needed, one can anytime have his/her USG examination. Though ideally he/she should be in fasting state & should hold his/her bladder for better evaluation.


Yes, it allows a better visualisation for many structures including uterus, prostate and ureter. So better to hold the bladder.

It allows better visualisation of Gall Bladder and Bowels. Gas may obscure many structures.

A Level II examination is aimed at detecting any fetal anomaly which can be detected by the use of USG. At AMRITDHARA, my Hospital, it is usually performed at/after 18 weeks of pregnancy and before 20 weeks. It is important to know that it is not possible to to rule out all anomalies/defects by this examination.

Their is no evidence as yet supporting that USG is harmful for baby. Sometimes multiple scans are necessary to evaluate a proper fetal growth or to monitor a steady growth.

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