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There is increasing incidence of stone disease in northern part of India, around 15-20% This Trend is attributable to a Large extent to our lifestyle and dietary habits. We at AMRITDHARA provide detailed check-up for stone disease and deal with complex procedure involving urolithiasis is ranging from PCNL , Laparoscopic surgeries to open surgery


Department of urology at AMRITDHARA, my Hospital  hospital provide comprehensive state of the art medical and surgical care in all aspects of urology


The area of expertise includes


Endourology is a minimally invasive technique available to treat kidney stones. Stones may be extracted or fragmented     using tiny instruments through natural body channels such as the urethra, bladder and ureter. In addition to treatment, our doctors help determine the cause of kidney stone development and help identify methods to prevent further stone formation. Thin, flexible instruments including lasers, graspers, miniature stone retrieval baskets, special scalpels, and cautery, can be advanced through working channels in the scopes in order to perform surgery without creating any incisions at all. The majority of endoscopic procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.

Endourological procedures include:

1.  Urethroscopy

Used to treat strictures or blockages of the urethra.

2.  Cystoscopy

Used for diagnose of Bladder tumour or stone (Flexible plastic tubes called stents can be passed up  the  ureter using cystoscopy and  x-rays to relieve blockage of the ureter.

3.  Ureteroscopy

Used to treat stones and tumour of the ureter.

4.  PCNL

Used to treat kidney stones of large size


This field is devoted to the diagnosis and treatments of tumors of urinary systems. Most  importantly   taking care of  patients with prostate cancer, kidney, testicular and bladder cancer.

Reconstructive urology

Reconstructive urology is surgery to restore normal function by repairing, rerouting, or recreating areas of the upper and   lower urinary tract and some reproductive organs. Patients might need reconstructive urology because of  injuries, birth  defects, medical conditions, or complications from surgery or other treatment.



Field dealing in neurological addition affecting Bladder leading to various voiding difficulty



For treatment of male infertility , erectile dysfunction, and male sexual problems

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